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Christmas Land: My Experience 


Magical. The word that I use to describe my visit to Christmas Land. The twinkling lights, the feeling, the wonderful scent of burning wood in the bonfires, and the sound of Christmas around me. 

Christmas Land


I had heard about Niemi’s Christmas Market and their Christmas Land experien

ce from a close friend; I knew I had to go see it myself! 


As I walk closer to the entrance of Christmas Land I can hear a distant train horn sound amongst the classic Christmas carols being played throughout the farm. The faces of all the people around me show the joy and happiness of Christmas. I approached the Check-in area, picked up a smores kit and headed into Christmas Land.


There are so many things to see! The beautiful light displays, farm animals, and picture opportunities were just a few. I warmed up by one of the many bonfires and enjoyed my smores. I could hear people around me excitedly talking about the Christmas Train and Santa’s Workshop, and I wanted to go find where they had experienced those things.


Who’s in there?… Santa’s here! I got to go inside Santa’s Workshop to see him, and give him my Christmas wish list. We read it together, and I got some candy from him! He told me to have a very Merry Christmas. 


I headed back outside and looked to my right. I saw the Christmas Train coming to the station. I hurried to the station with hopes that I could be on the next ride! This Train was no average train, for this train that was built by the Father of the family that runs this farm. The train was black, red and white with many lights and Christmas decorations on it. The train horn sounded twice and the passengers unloaded. I made it onto the second car, and got settled into my seat. The Christmas Story started and we started moving. On the ride I saw lots of lights, a nativity scene, Christmas displays, and my favorite: the horses! We started ambling back to the station.


I am so grateful that I got to add this experience to my Christmas season. I will be back!


Did you know?

  • Niemi’s Christmas Market and Christmas Land is a true Family run operation. 
  • The Christmas Train and Cars are handmade by the father of the farm.