Springtime on the farm

March 18, 2021

Spring on the Farm

We had a great opening weekend! It was nice to see so many familiar faces again.

We just celebrated four birthdays on the farm: Laura & Markus, Carolina and Katarina.

Greenhouse News:
During the week we are busy in our greenhouses, especially in the spring. So far we have made over 2000 hanging baskets!!

                         Carolina & Marjo in the greenhouse last spring.    Source: www.yorkregion.com
In new news, we also have sourced some high quality local products and foods for our market.

These include:
Sheldon Creek Dairy: Kefir, Milk, Yogurt, Sour Cream, Butter, Ghee & Labneh

Empire Cheese: Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Gouda

Elpida Coffee & Genuine Tea

Fultons: Maple Sugar, Maple candies & more

Frankies: Gluten Free baking mixes

Plainly Good: Gluten Free Keto hot cereal mixes

Local pottery, textiles, decor, cards, prints and so much more!

We carry all of the supplies for successfully growing veggie seedlings. If seeding is not your thing, no worries! We will have a huge variety of organically grown vegetable plants available starting in late April.
The Mount Albert Farmers’ Market will be held on our farm Saturday mornings starting in June.
We will be open April 1& 3 for Easter. Special treats on the Easter menu.
Next time you are by the farm, be sure to visit our Bakery for the BEST home-baked goods.
Support local now more than ever! #shoplocal
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