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Easter Week at the Farm

April 6, 2020

Hello Everyone, Happy Spring day to you! Our Online shopping for Bakery and Food items is ready for you to browse. Plants and Vegetables and Herbs will be there soon. We are changing our customer service to be able to help you stay at home and still get your food and plants Delivered to you…

News from our Farm

April 1, 2020

  Good Morning everyone! Here we are starting a new month of April with all things new here… we are planting and getting ready for the new season …. Hanging Baskets are coming with their first flowers 🙂 Herbs and Veggies are growing in Beautifully. News; Our bakery is  open every Fri and Sat 10…

Top Five Favorite Treats At Niemi Family Farm

April 16, 2019

Top Five Favorite Treats At Niemi Family Farm The smell of cinnamon baking wafts on the summer air, drawing in everyone that has a nose. It’s an irresistible scent and it beckons enticingly. As you follow your nose, it brings you closer and closer to a pickup hauling a big white trailer with Niemi Family…

*********************************************WELCOME TO OUR FARM MARKET**************************************************** Farm is NOW OPEN Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 5 pm Online ordering for curb side pick up or delivery before 6pm day before! Dismiss