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a close up of a green field

We turn into the driveway at Niemi Family Farm. “Yup! It’s open!” my 3-year-old yells from the back
seat. Sure enough, the gate is open, but there aren’t any flowers or plants down here. Yet. The sheds sit
in a row, empty and waiting to be filled with all things baked, sewn, painted, and grown. There is an air
of waiting, of anticipation. Spring is so close.
So up to the house we go, and the kids clamor to be the first one out of the van. Off they run, straight to
the greenhouses where we know everyone will be hard at work. The amount of green, growing plants is
amazing to see – a sure sign that spring is coming, despite all of this cold weather that keeps dragging
As I step into the greenhouse, a blast of warm moist air hits me in the face as a welcome. These plants
need this warmth so that they can grow and be ready for the first markets that are only one month

away. Ashley, Caroline, and Maija are working together to get the growing plants into bigger containers
so that the roots can continue to spread, and the plant can keep flourishing.
We spend the evening planting and talking, as the kids play outside around the farm. What a perfect
way to welcome spring; breathing in the fresh air, the smell and feel of dirt on our hands, and being
together with family.
Spring is in the air at Niemi Family Farm, we can’t wait to see you at the market!

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