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Top Five Favorite Treats At Niemi Family Farm

The smell of cinnamon baking wafts on the summer air, drawing in everyone that has a nose. It’s an irresistible scent and it beckons enticingly. As you follow your nose, it brings you closer and closer to a pickup hauling a big white trailer with Niemi Family Farm written across the side. You step under the white tent and your eyes feast on all of the delectable treats that are waiting on the table.

Everything is still warm, coming straight from the oven that’s in the kitchen trailer. Your mouth is drooling, just as mine is as I write this!

Which one to choose?

Where to start?

(Besides saying “I’ll have one of each, please!)

Some of the most popular treats are:

  1. Cinnamon Rolls: These are baked goodness – cinnamon, butter, and sugar rolled together with pulla dough. A single serving of deliciousness, goes perfect with a hot cup of coffee.
  2. 100% Sourdough Rye Bread: This loaf of bread is perfect for slicing into sandwiches for lunch. Top with some butter, a slice of ham and cheese, and the vegetables of your choice.
  3. Cheese Bread: A potato bread dough with a row of cheddar cheese in the middle and on top. The cheese in the middle is melted and ooey- gooey, while the layer on top of the bread gets all crispy in the oven. Toast and layer with butter. Yum.
  4. Almond Vanilla Pulla: The traditional pulla dough, but instead of with cinnamon and sugar, it is layered with almonds and vanilla sugar in the middle. And more almonds sprinkled on top. Slice it thick and enjoy with your favorite hot beverage.
  5. Pies: Apple. Strawberry rhubarb. Peach. Pumpkin. Blueberry. You name it, they make it. From the fluffy pie crust, to the soft and juicy filling, to the scoop of melting vanilla ice cream on top, it can’t be beat.

Come see us at the market or at our farm to see which ones will be on your Top 5 List!a close up of food on a wooden table