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flower power

Niemi Family Farm News


Spring is here and it’s time to plant, our plants from Tomatoes to Lettuce, Annuals, Perennials and all the Herbs etc. are ready for you.

We started heating our first greenhouse in the last days of the Feb. Seeding and transplanting almost everyday since and now you should see it, greenhouses are full of beautiful plants. First flowers are open and Tomatoes have their first buds and hanging baskets are full of flowers to brighten your day.

Now more than ever when we are at home with our families we can start edible gardens from strawberries to cherry tomatoes etc. You can grow them all in containers on your patio or balcony or plant them in your garden.

You can find our home grown pork from our freezer also we have free run Eggs and cheese and so many other items from our farm to your table.

We are baking the best doughnuts every morning for your snack or your lunch, also fresh bread and so on are made daily.

Now the warm weather is here so let’s get outside and get our hands dirty.

We are also online

We are open Tuesday to Saturday, check our website for the hours.

Mother’s Day Market on May 8th

Curbside pickup is available.


With Love from the Niemi’s


Niemi Family Farm and Bakery

18463 Highway 48

Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0


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