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Top Five Favorite Treats At Niemi Family Farm

April 16, 2019

Top Five Favorite Treats At Niemi Family Farm The smell of cinnamon baking wafts on the summer air, drawing in everyone that has a nose. It’s an irresistible scent and it beckons enticingly. As you follow your nose, it brings you closer and closer to a pickup hauling a big white trailer with Niemi Family…

Spring is in the air at Niemi Family Farm

April 15, 2019

We turn into the driveway at Niemi Family Farm. “Yup! It’s open!” my 3-year-old yells from the back seat. Sure enough, the gate is open, but there aren’t any flowers or plants down here. Yet. The sheds sit in a row, empty and waiting to be filled with all things baked, sewn, painted, and grown….